ATA Retail Services is the industry leader for grocery merchandising strip and j hook impulse merchandising programs


What is merchandising strip and J-hook impulse merchandising?

A merchandising strip is a retail product display, so named because it is a length of material (either plastic or metal) with clips or J-hooks at regular intervals, upon which impulse merchandise is hung. The merchandising strip is then hung off a shelf or end-cap and serves as an impulse buy to a customer wandering the aisles of a store.

What makes merchandising strip and J-hook impulse merchandising effective?

  • Merchandising strips and J-hooks are versatile and increase a customer’s exposure to impulse-buy items (as opposed to just having impulse-buy items at the register)
  • Impulse merchandising items can be easily moved from one location to another to maximize their exposure (most commonly placing merchandising strips and J-hooks in high-traffic areas or as complementary merchandise)
  • Merchandising strips and J-hooks are good tools for cross-marketing initiatives

Visit our Suppliers page if you have an impulse merchandising item that has a track record of driving sales, new to the market, or enjoys current success.

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