ATA Retail Services is the industry leader for grocery merchandising strip and j hook impulse merchandising programs


ATA Retail Services is the industry leader in impulse merchandising for grocery in the USATA Retail Services is the industry leader in impulse merchandising for grocery in the US - "it's our only business."

Founded in 1991 by Sumner Bennett, ATA Retail Services reinvented merchandising strips and J-hook impulse merchandising through its proprietary systems, processes, and in-store service offerings. We outsell and outperform all others.

ATA Retail Services supplies over 9,000 customer retail stores in 48 states and Canada and employs a workforce of approximately 1,800 employees. The company operates distribution centers with over 180,000 square feet of space in Nashville, Tennessee and Hayward, California. These two strategic locations allow us to maximize efficiencies and to better support our customers from coast to coast.

We are the only retail organization that focuses solely on impulse merchandising. That makes ATA Retail Services unique. Our team of experienced and professional impulse merchandisers spans the nation, and each of them is an actual ATA Retail Services employee. As a company, we don't hire out "sub-contractors" for field coverage or client service. This further distinguishes us from the rest of the retail support and impulse merchandising industry.

Whether your retail store operations need deep national coverage, targeted regional or even local support, ATA Retail Services can supply merchandising strip and j-hook solutions to help you support impulse merchandising initiatives and build incremental sales.

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