ATA Retail Services is the industry leader for grocery merchandising strip and j hook impulse merchandising programs


ATA Retail Services' Philosophy for Impulse Merchandising

The consistent introduction of new merchandising strip and J-hook items items that capture a consumer’s attention is essential to an effective impulse merchandising program. That’s why ATA’s buying team reviews items year round to find new breakthrough products that drive store sales. We present new impulse merchandising items to our customers continuously, focusing mainly on the Grocery Class of Trade as our primary customer.

ATA Retail Services is always searching for the next best impulse item. The impulse categories that we support and provide for include, but are not limited to: gadget, toy, baby, party and cleaning lines.

If you have an impulse merchandising item that has a track record of driving sales or is new to the market, contact us at the numbers below to set up an appointment to discuss supplier opportunities.

Supplier appointments are taken on
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

  Buying and Merchandising
Tom Elam –Category Manager
Thuc Le – New Account & Item Coordinator

Category Name Phone #
Baby, Customer Request, Hardware, Health, Pharmacy, Stationary, Beauty Health and Beauty 925-621-4747
Import, Barware, Gadgets Gadgets 925-621-4733
Party, Cleaning, Housewares, In-Line, Pet Household 925-621-4744

After appointments and/or item reviews, suppliers may be required to fill out these listed forms. Vendors are required to sign the “Supplier Compliance and Freight Routing Guide” signature page and provide a certificate of liability insurance, naming ATA Retail Services, Inc. as additional insured. Also, vendors are required to have their products tested for lead and provide the testing reports.

• Insurance Requirements Form
• New Vendor Form
• Vendor New Item Form
• Supplier Compliance and Freight Routing Guide
• Import Shipping and Routing Guide
* ATA requires all partners to provide information using the form.

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